• The reporting platform aligned with ISO 20121 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals to help you contribute to the UN Decade of Accountability.


    Take #SDGAccountability by using EventSustainability to measure, report and compare the sustainability impact of you bringing people together, virtual, hybrid, or face-to-face.

  • Towards a more Sustainable Events Industry

    What is EventSustainabilty?

    EventSustainability is an online measurement and reporting system..

    This system aligns with ISO 20121, UN Sustainable Development Goals and The Global Reporting Initiative and Event Organisers Sector Supplement.

    How to use EventSustainabilty?

    You can use EventSustainability to to measure, report and compare the sustainability impact of human interaction. EventSustainability will even contact your suppliers for you for measurements!

  • Features

    Why you should choose EventSustainability

    Easy Set Up and Use

    Each event report only takes four steps and uses simple language and easy explanations to make the process as simple as possible.


    The interface also allows you to compare events, allowing you to see how much more sustainable you have become over time.

    Get the Supply Chain Involved

    You can set up suppliers on your account, allocating what sections they are able to fill out. For each event, you can customise what they need to answer and send them an invite to fill out their sections. You can also send out deadline reminders to help get your information.

    Options for Report Customisation

    All users can choose what sections they want to fill out or include in the final report, meaning you can tailor your report to your audience.


    With our customisation and full packages, it gives you the option to add your own questions and categories to your reports, making sure that they cover your Company's internal standards.

  • Pricing

    This system has been created by the passionate and fearless team at Positive Impact. We are a not-for-profit which means all sales from our technology will enable us to spend further time on initiatives which could build the future of how human interaction happens.


    This platform will be available to those who share our goals and all data gathered will be reported back to the UN SDG Action Campaign. To create one report there will be an unavoidable administration cost of £60 (equivalent to 65€ / $75).


    If you would like continuous and unlimited access to the platform there will be an annual cost of £650 (equivalent to 715€ / $840).

  • Contact us

    For any questions or to request more information please get in touch by phone or email.


    Alternatively you can reach us via the enquiry form below.

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